Ocean Bar

Lasse Nordow

Seaside has a front row seat to the harbour and is steeped in maritime history, so naturally we have a kitchen that pays homage to the sea. Ocean Bar is the name of the place, and this is where Lasse Nordow works his magic. 

Lasse is a trained chef with many fine restaurant kitchens on his CV and a strong connection to clean seawater and waves. In addition to his love of preparing and eating all things good from the sea, he is an angler, sailor and dedicated year-round swimmer. Lasse can also often be found along the Danish coastline in search of the wild herbs he uses in his kitchen.   

Every day Ocean Bar receives fresh and sustainably caught fish, which is gently processed and transformed into delicious dishes that taste and smell of the sea.  

Ocean Bar’s menu is seasonal, so expect the Fish of the Day to be flatfish in the warmer months and cod in the colder months. One thing is (almost) certain, however, and that is that in the summer season Ocean Bar will serve turbot – the uncrowned king of flatfish and Lasse’s favourite fish, at least on the plate.

Lasse is also a talented baker, and his homemade malted bread, dipped in the juices and flavours of Ocean Bar’s dishes, is something close to heavenly. He bakes the bread on a sourdough base with an 83-year pedigree that just keeps getting better – if you treat it right, which Lasse does.


Ocean Bar Seside
Ocean Bar Seaside Moules Frites