Welcome to Seaside

Welcome to Seaside – for some, perhaps better known as Toldboden. From 2010 to 2020, we proudly operated the Toldboden restaurant in these maritime surroundings. But after a successful decade of offering traditional dining, hosting events, and running a waterfront bar, we decided to reimagine Toldboden into a completely new concept. 

Consequently, the premises underwent a significant renovation, and in 2021, we unveiled Seaside – our gastrohouse featuring seven independent kitchens. Inspired by the numerous street food markets worldwide, we aim to bring together homemade delicacies from various global cuisines under one roof.


Seaside is located in the charming old customs building at Nordre Toldbod. It is right in the heart of Copenhagen, front-row to the harbour. There is parking in the backyard and it is just a few minutes' walk from public transportation.

From Seaside, you have a view of Refshaleøen and the Opera House. In the backyard, you will find Kastellet and the Little Mermaid. Through the large windows, you can follow the pulsating life of the harbor, and during the summer months, you can enjoy the view from the covered terrace or a sun lounger on the quay.

Throughout history, Nordre Toldbod has been where foreign royalty and heads of state were received upon arrival in Copenhagen by ship. The area around Seaside is therefore steeped in history and maritime activity.

Seaside udsigt til Københavns havn


At Seaside, much thought and effort has gone into the interior design. The gastro house is built like a ship, with several maritime elements inviting you inside. It is a tribute to the proud Danish merchant fleet and the stories in the surrounding area, both in form and colours.

"Seaside is located by the harbor. That's why we built the restaurant with the idea that you should feel like you are on board a ship. When you stand on the large terrace, you should feel like you're on a yacht" says owner, Jesper Julian Møller.

The Royal Yacht is visible in the details on our large bar, where the yellow color particularly reveals it. The benches are shaped like waves. Philip de Lange's Mast Crane adorns as lamps. The outline of Kastellet is seen in the base of the tables. The large terrace symbolizes the deck of a ship, while the white and yellow awnings are meant to resemble sails. 

You may notice some of these details the next time you drop by.