Project Raw

Lasse Nordow

Project Raw certainly lives up to its name. Here, tartare is the jewel on the menu, and the meaty delight is caressed to perfection before it hits the serving plate.

The man behind the tartare and Project Raw’s other delicacies is chef Lasse Nordow, who has previously worked in some of Copenhagen’s finest restaurant kitchens … and owned a company that produced gourmet mayonnaises.

In other words, Lasse is very fond of everything that involves gastronomy and tastes like more, and he’s at his very best when he’s in his kitchen cooking. It’s hardly a surprise that Lasse is a huge tartare aficionado. He has invested lots of time and effort in creating the – to his taste – perfect tartare, which is of course on Project Raw’s menu. 

The meat (beef sirloin) is first lightly salted before being hung to dry for 2-3 days. This quick dry-aging process brings out the flavour of the meat. Once it’s minced to the right consistency, it’s mixed with a cream made from egg yolks, cognac, cornichons, capers and herbs to give the tartare the perfect acidic kick, before being topped with crispy salad and Jerusalem artichoke crisps.

However, it’s not all about tartare at Project Raw. The menu also includes happiness-inducing, mouth-watering treats like mushroom toast “a la crême”, hamachi rösti, Caesar salad, lobster roll, truffle fries “Pommes Anna”, oysters and… well, tuna tartare.

Project Raw