Nonna Regina

Valentin Gorbalan

At Nonna Regina, Valentin Gorbalan cooks heavenly pasta dishes where excellent ingredients and good craftsmanship come together. The mission is not to innovate Italian cuisine, but to cook its classics to absolute perfection.  

Valentin is a trained chef from Argentina with a strong affection for his Italian grandmother’s cooking – so much so that Nonna Regina is named after her. 

Before working his magic at the pasta machine at Seaside, he worked in a number of restaurants in South America, Europe and Dubai – including one with a Michelin star. 

At Nonna Regina, Valentin prepares much more than just pasta wonders. He also makes creamy risottos, bakes light and delicately oiled foccacia bread and cuts carefully selected formaggi and salumi. 

Only the best ingredients and the finest delicacies from Italy find their way into Valentin’s kitchen, where the menu changes with the seasons.