Patagonia Grill

Daniel Matthies

Experience the flavours of Latin America at Patagonia Grill, where the cuisine is inspired by Patagonia’s simple tradition of cooking meat over an open fire or hot coals.

Juan Alvarez is behind Patagonia Grill, also located at Nansensgade 24. In 2003, he opened his first restaurant, Fuego, inspired by Argentinean cuisine. Since then, he has also launched a food truck and opened food stalls at several street food markets.

When you visit the kitchen, you will witness Head Chef, Daniel Matthies, cooking on a 400 kg charcoal grill, infusing the meat with the distinctive smoky flavour and aroma characteristic of Argentinian cuisine.

Argentina is world famous for its beef, which is considered some of the best in the world. It is usually seasoned only with coarse salt, which brings out its natural flavour. Typical side dishes include chimichurri, salads, bread and grilled vegetables.

On the menu, you will find Juan and Daniel’s favorite dishes. They take special pride in their handmade empanadas and Black Angus churrasco. Naturally, they also recommend the sweet crème brûlée served with dulce de leche.

Patagonia Grill Seaside
Patagonia Grill Seaside