Patagonia Grill

Daniel Matthies

Juan Alvarez has many years of experience when it comes to serving simple, classic, Argentinian meat dishes. He opened his first restaurant” Fuego” in 2003; an Argentinian-inspired steak house. At Patagonia Grill, you will experience Juan’s great passion for Argentine food when he grills his quality meat on a 400 kg heavy charcoal grill, which gives the meat its special smoky taste. The dishes are simple, as it is important for Juan that you can both see and taste everything on your plate. Therefore, he only uses the very freshest ingredients to guarantee the best experience. This means that the menu changes according to the season and the selection of ingredients. The name” Patagonia Grill” is inspired by the simple way of preparing food in Patagonia – over open fire.

Patagonia Grill Seaside
Patagonia Grill Seaside