Fried Chicken Dang Dang
Fried Chicken Dang Dang

Dang Dang – Asian Flavours

Zhaoye Li

Take the best of different Asian cuisines and bring them together in one kitchen and you have Dang Dang – Asian Flavours. This is where Zhaoye Li conjures up his interpretations of classic Asian dishes, adding his own personal touch. He grew up eating dumplings like gyoza, which, like him, originated in northern China. It was here that he took his first steps in what he describes as a small town of one million people, before moving with his family to the mega-city of Shenyang. 

In 2000, his father sent him to Denmark to study international business and IT. However, he was much more passionate about cooking, a passion that the Danish education system couldn’t overcome. So after graduating, he turned to gastronomy, and since then, Zhaoye Li has never looked back.       

Since then, he has been behind the pots in a long line of Danish, French and Japanese restaurants in Copenhagen, as well as owning and running his own café. So it is no exaggeration to say that there is a lot of knowledge, experience and passion behind the dishes that Zhaoye Li produces in his pan-Asian kitchen at Seaside.

Handmade stuffed dumplings, gyoza and piping hot and powerful ramen – it can be hard to choose between all the delights on Dang Dang’s seasonally changing menu. You won’t find Zhaoye Li favouring one dish over another – they’re all his favourites.

Dang Dang Seaside
Fried Chicken Dang Dang