Celebrate your Christmas party 2024 at Seaside

In the heart of Copenhagen, we celebrate the festive season with lots of good food, good company and the best Christmas spirit. Join us as we celebrate the Christmas season, already from November. And what’s in store for you at Seaside? Read more to learn how you can celebrate your Christmas party with us.


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Christmas Party

for dinner & party

Christmas parties at Seaside mean Christmas food with dishes from around the world. Our Christmas parties are in high demand, and we will do our very best to give you and your friends or colleagues a fun night out with great vibes on the dancefloor and good music from our DJs. Our gastro house will be decked out for Christmas, so you and your group can focus on enjoying this special season.



for lunch & dinner

If you want your Christmas to consist of open-faced sandwiches, then we also serve up a traditional Danish ‘smørrebrød’ menu. We prepare familiar Christmas classics, where curried herring, egg & shrimp, pork roast, and meatballs are among some of the treats to be enjoyed. This Christmas menu is best enjoyed with cold Christmas beers, wine, and schnapps.

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