Try our new kitchen, Nonna Regina

At Nonna Regina, Valentin Gorbalan cooks heavenly Italian dishes where excellent ingredients and good craftsmanship come together.  The mission is not to innovate Italian cuisine, but to cook its classics to perfection. Only the best ingredients and the finest delicacies from Italy find their way into Valentin’s kitchen, where the…

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Seaside is participating in ‘’Frokostfesten’’ from April 12th to April 21st, 2024

Enjoy a delicious lunch prepared by the talented chefs from Patagonia Grill and a Hazy IPA with 0.5% alcohol from Royal Unibrew.   The menu consists of a grilled steak ‘spider cut’ served with fresh tabbouleh with quinoa, mint, tomatoes, cucumber and parsley & a criolla salsa sauce.   Together…

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Påske på Reffen

Celebrate Easter at Seaside

We are open every day during Easter from 10.00. Gather friends and family for an Easter feast at Seaside. Treat yourselves to some classic Danish smørrebrød, our special Easter treats, or go all out with our globetrotter brunch. And don’t forget to swing by our coffee shop and enjoy a…

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