Informal lunch?

Lunch is one of the three most essential meals of the day, and you can enjoy yours at Seaside. We serve lunch for anyone with a craving for global flavours. Whether it’s for an informal team get-together or that all-important new client meeting, you can always mix business and pleasure…

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Re-opening party at Seaside – 4th of March

We’re starting the new season at Seaside Toldboden with a big bang! Friday will be full of funky tunes from our handpicked DJs, cocktails and plenty of space to let the rhythms fill you up.   We have multiple kitchens to choose from – you’re certain to find something on…

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4th Sunday of Advent

Every week until Christmas, we will raffle off advent’s prizes for you and your loved ones to have fantastic experiences here at Seaside. This 4th Sunday of Advent, you can win some French bubbles. Drink them for the New Year’s speech, for some delicious snacks or for any dish, where…

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