Naveed Kronholm

Naveed Kronholm was born and raised in Vesterbro in Copenhagen. He knows every corner, is on first name terms with the grocer and gives high fives to all the children on the football field. This, you will see, feel, and taste at Solveig. Here he reinterprets – based on the classic cuisine and a green universe – old Danish food culture. The kitchen is named after his great-grandmother. She not only gathered his entire family by making delicious food, but she also made Naveed interested in exactly that: to gather people and families with delicious gastronomy. When you dive into the menu at Seaside you will therefore experience that Solveig is Danish, green and with love for Naveed’s family’s holiday destination, Italy Naveed has two kitchens at Seaside. Both are based on good ingredients, sustainability, and environmentally-friendly produce.