Al dente

Ivan del Sordo & Ricardo Lara

At Al Dente, Ivan del Sordo and Ricardo Lara prepare exquisite pasta dishes where excellent ingredients and good craftsmanship come together and make wonders. The two maestros mix different types of Italian flour and vegetable extracts in their homemade pasta so that it gets just the right taste, color and texture. The outcome is divine pasta which paired with Al Dente’s homemade sauces result in dishes that taste terrific and are a joy to look at.

Ricardo and Ivan are trained chefs and the latter has over 30 years of experience spanning from street food to Michelin and he opened the first pastabar, Bottega Della Pasta, in Torvehallerne in Copenhagen. Both Ricardo and Ivan are raised on Italian food – a cuisine their hearts beat passionately for. Only the best ingredients and finest delicacies from Italy find their way to Al Dente’s kitchen where the menu is adapted to the season.



Find a seat at Chef’s Table at Al Dente. Here you can meet the head chefs Ivan and Riccardo and watch the pasta magic unfold itself in the open Italian kitchen with charcuterie, pasta, ravioli and lasagna. You can sit at high tables close to the chefs and get an intimate and personal dining experience with room for fun conversations and nerdy food chats.

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